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We believe that compassion, acceptance, honesty and mindful action are the keys to re-directing oneself away from destructive behaviors and/or lifestyles. Our goal is for clients to leave feeling empowered to pursue their purpose and make healthy decisions according to their values while creating a supportive ongoing community that is heart centered and authentic.


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Our programs are designed with the 5 Pillars of Recovery as the foundation and are tailored to the individual's unique needs and goals. We believe that yoga therapy, mindfulness training, and compassionate presence empower people to positively adapt to changes in their lives. And therefore our programs are influenced by these modalities.





1. Education

“Decrease in pain starts with knowing about pain” ~ Brainman

Knowledge is power and a big part of healing. At Colibri, our programs include education about the nervous system, the pain/stress system, gut health/nutrition, and other self-care tools. Being educated about the nervous system and how it works contributes to regulating and healing it and gives hope that change is possible.


2. Daily Practice

“When we change our daily lives- the way we think, speak and act- we change the world.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

It is important to have a mind/body practice to consistently come back to day after day. This cultivates greater awareness of breath, body, thoughts, and emotions. And it is from this awareness that change can occur. At Colibri we offer an opportunity for each client to build their own daily practice, whatever that may look like. Daily Yoga Therapy and Meditation classes are offered at the recovery houses. Clients are also encouraged to discover other practices that resonate with them.


3. Nature

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”  ~ John Burroughs

Nature is a powerful healing tool. The spaciousness of nature allows us to broaden our view and break out of the claustrophobic experience of our survival mode. At Colibri we encourage clients to re-connect with nature through outdoor activities such as walks and hikes, ocean and mountain sports, camping excursions, and more. The activities are tailored to the clients physical abilities and emotional needs.


4. Community and Connection

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” ~ Johann Hari

At Colibri, we believe that suffering can only exist in the absence of love and belonging. In our experience, when surrounded by a community of people that hold a container of empathy and compassion to all members, shame and guilt begin to dissolve. In turn, personal growth and change become possible.

The Colibri team has made a commitment to continuously work on our personal issues with kindness and compassion so that we can truly be present for others in this same way.

Our goal is to not only create a space for personal healing but also offer a sanctuary to come back to whenever needed. And to cultivate a strong community of compassionate beings that support each other on the recovery path.


5. Playfulness

“It is impossible to overcome passion, aggression, and ignorance with a long face. We have to cheer up. When you begin to see yourself fully and thoroughly, then you discover your sense of humour. It is not the same as telling bad jokes. Humour here is natural joy, the joy of reality.” ~Chogyum Trungpa 

This healing path can get so darn serious! It is important to remember that playfulness is one of our greatest healing tools. It is very difficult to be stressed-out and playful at the same time. At Colibri, we believe that a daily dose of ridiculousness is necessary for a healthy recovery. So prepare to be silly! Our approach is light-hearted and a child-like sense of wonder is encouraged in all our practices.